Auto insurance rates in New YorkNew York drivers pay on average over $1,900 a year for auto insurance, and we think that's too much. The national average is under $1,000 and our goal is to convince you to compare rates now and see how much you can save.

Auto insurance companies in New York change rates frequently, based on many market factors. You won't know if rates go up or down until you get your next policy renewal. By then it's too late to find more competitive rates and people tend to just pay it and say "maybe next time".

The fact is, a recent study proved that New Yorkers could save an average of 43% or $840 every year if they just shopped around. That's enough to go on vacation, buy a nice flat screen TV, or help put the kids through college.

Comparing car insurance rates is not difficult and our site gives you the tools you need to get started right now. Take a few minutes and do a little homework and see how much you've been overpaying for coverage.

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